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An alternative school

A school where therespect of the individual's rythme, benevolence towards one another, living togetherare the predominant concepts. We will be usingdifferent kinds of pedagogies(Montessori, Freinet, multiple intelligence..) in order to accompany the children whilerespecting their natural curiosity.

Our overall pedagogy entails respecting the development of each child and helping him/her tobecome autonomous in his/her learning abilities.Our project also includes the parents. We will advance together, parents and pupils.

The school is situated on anideal site: a leisure centre called Le Loup Garou (Les Deux Sèvres) were Helen works, where nature, a pedagogical farm, a vegetable plot, woodlands…. will be areas for fun and games as well as learning zones.

We also wish to use anecological approach:our children today will be the adults of tomorrowand it is time we started to take care of our planet!

The school will take place intwo yurts in a single classand will have two qualified ‘Learning Facilitators' (a term which we are very keen on using).

ForSeptember 2017, thirty-one children from three to ten years oldwill take part in this wonderful adventure. Helen children (Tristan and Eliza) will of course be in the school.

By clicking on the following link, you can watch the trailer of the film " Le Maître est l'enfant by Alexandre Mourot, which gives an idea of Montessori pedagogy :;com/watch?v=fOmHFz3cTrl

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What are the funds for?

In order tomake the school accessible to as many families as possiblewe have lowered the fees to a minimum (salaries, after-school care included, pedagogical material often made by staff of parents) and, being a private school, we arenot entitled to subsidies.

Today, we need 4000€ to buy the remaining material for our workshops and events: furniture, school supplies, garden tools, Montessori material, kitchen utensils.

To be very open and clear with you, here is a detailed description of our needs:

With 4000€,we can cover thetotal costof the teachers' salary and the school supplies (in order to relieve the families from this extra cost). It will enable us to buy the provisions necessary to make the pedagogical material as well asbuying quality material which we will not be able to make ourselves (e.g. The material for geography costs 935€). We also need to invest in theequipment for the yurts: shelving, floor mats, some tables, and the material needed for the‘dry' toilet.

If we reach 120 per cent of our objective (4800€),we will invest in thefitting out of the exteriorof the school: garden furniture, tools,vegetableplot, playground. We will also buyFreinet's very useful and concrete information sheetsfor the children (cost 35€ per sheet and per subject, total 420€ for fifth class).

If we reach 150 per cent of our objective (6000€), we will invest inthe library and leisure areaof the school, in material to develop the motricity of the child (fondamental for the 3-6 year-olds), in arranging the exterior to keep someanimals. We would also like toorganise some excurions(to cover the cost of a coach as we are situated in a rural area).

If dreams can be fulfilled and we receive even more funding thanks to your generosity, we will use it to refund a part of the cost of the yurts and in doing so,lighten our overheads for the coming year!

We need your help,no matter how small the donation!

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