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Saturday, 02 July 2022 04:37 GMT

Jordan- The Aqsa and the Arab DisgraceBy Jumana Ghunaimat

(MENAFN- Alghad Newspaper)

Any day in Palestine could turn out to be a day of martyrdom.

In every corner of the land, stands watch a merciless occupational soldier, whose appetite is imperishable thirst for violence.

As their thirst for bloodshed grows, so does the chance for every Palestinian mother to one day wear proudly the crown of their own children's martyrdom.

The more excessive the Israeli soldiers become, in their murderous sprees, the more prone the Palestinians are to resist them, with everything they've got.

Last Friday, the operation's damage was doubled by the Israeli transgression, when they prohibited the holding of the Friday Sermon and Prayer at the Aqsa Mosque.

An inarguable right of the Palestinian people was denied, and the Mosque was shut due to an underway search of hidden weapons, the Israelis claim.

Notably, this wasn't doable.

Smuggling weapons into the holy complex is a near impossible task, given the standing security measures and procedure. Especially after the attack.

The issue doesn't lie in the occupant's tendencies or essential nature. It is theirs to kill, exterminate, torture, humiliate, annihilate, steal land and history, so blatantly.

Meanwhile, we, Arabs, condemn, denounce, and support the murder of our brothers.

So, why shouldn't Israel pursue the transmutation of reality as it pleases them?

One is ashamed by the disgrace of the Arab positions.

The Arab nation has spent years and decades talking about how Palestine is their prime concern, reiterating their stakes in the Palestinian Cause.

The outcome? After Friday, it is now certain that nobody cares about the Cause; let Palestine and the Palestinians burn, and no one bates an eye!

All except for Jordan.

The Kingdom made and outright statement, condemning the Israeli procedure, and demanding the occupation to stand down on the Aqsa Most lockdown.

Besides Jordan, not one other country dared denounce.

The fact that is primarily concerned with the preservation of the holy sites and sanctities of Jerusalem, does not —at all— mean that we should be left alone in this!

Jordan must be left alone in the face of the Israeli war-machine.

The Israelis are backed by the whole world, and they're striving to transform the Palestinian reality and impose their own, by arms sometimes, and in other times by buying lands and property.

The Friday attack has numerous dangerous implications.

While the loss of the three youths is irreversible, nor is there anything that could compensate that, it is the indefinite lock-down.

For the first time in decades, the call to prayer was prohibited.

More dangerously, the Arab World uttered not a single world against it.

Meanwhile, Arab media barely gave it the coverage it deserves. The media prioritised the Sectarian rhetoric over the unifying narrative.

This is the same media that has been operating throughout our world, with the unhidden blessings of the Arab regimes.

Jordan blamed Israel for the rising tension and violence in the Aqsa vicinity.

Mainly, the government blamed it on the repetitive Israeli transgressions against the holy Mosque, be it by the militant settlers or the authorities.

At the same time, the official Jordanian statement denounced the Aqsa lockdown and the prohibition of prayer, under any condition.

Our government saw this incident as both unprecedented and dangerous, as well as an outrageous violation of religious rights, as acknowledged worldwide.

What is happening in Palestine in general, and in Jerusalem and Aqsa in particular, is indeed a dangerous thing.

It could change the situation for the Aqsa Mosque, entirely, due to the Arab's irresponsible forfeiting of it, after they've lost their way.

Arab officials weren't forced to make any statements of condemnation. It would have been better had they not spoken at all.

Instead, they made statements condemning the Palestinian operation.

The Palestinian president himself condemned the operation, declared his support of the Israeli occupation, and practically dismissed the martyrs as mere criminals!

I have no idea what was going through the Palestinian president's mind, making such statements.

What was he thinking? Did he think that perhaps such a statement would change something?

In the midst of this Arab mess, while brethren draw the blood of brethren, what have the Palestinians but neglect?!

Palestine is no longer on the list of priorities.

With this dismissal, sinks the chances to relaunch the peace process.

As for Israel, the chance is soon to completely take over the Palestinians and their rights, and expand without accountability, through Palestinian lands.

In the meantime, we continue to wallow in our own mess, ignorant, perhaps, and unaware, or worse.

Will the Arabs ever wake up and support Jordan's stand against Israeli transgressions? Or are we all going to regret this one day, when there is no use regretting it?!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.


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