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Saturday, 22 January 2022 06:33 GMT

Get ready China: This is why Australia needs nuclear weapons

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ByChristine M. LeahandCrispin Rovere

Over the past century Australia has been America's most dependable military ally. In every major U.S. conflict including World Wars I and II Korea Vietnam and Iraq Australians have fought alongside.

Yet as competition between China and the United States heats up in the Western Pacific Australia is cautious not to provoke its greatest trading partner. When it comes to a potential U.S.-China conflict Australia is doing all it can to keep its options openand with good reason.

Australia is highly vulnerable to long-range missile attack including those carrying nuclear payloads. Despite Australia being a continental power almost all its population is concentrated in a half-dozen major cities easy targets for small numbers of warheads.

In a high-intensity conflict between the United States and China it is conceivable that China may target Australia with long-range nuclear missiles as a step up the escalation ladder demonstrating to the United States its capacity and willingness to conduct nuclear strikes over intercontinental ranges.

In this eventuality extended nuclear deterrence would hardly be credible. Retaliating on Australia's behalf would demonstrably mean accepting large-scale nuclear attack by China on the continental United States.

For this reason many Australians believe entering into conflict with the world's most populous nuclear power for any reason and under any circumstance is unthinkabledespite very strong support for the Australia-U.S. alliance overall.The most effective means for Australia to insulate itself from long-range nuclear attack is to develop or acquire its own reliable long-range nuclear deterrent.

Many would consider this a bad idea. If Australia (a non-nuclear weapon state party to the NPT) went nuclear conventional wisdom suggests it very difficult to dissuade Japan South Korea and others from following suit critically threatening the nuclear non-proliferation regime as a whole.

This view is fundamentally flawed. In actuality Australia has a very unique legal status with regard to nuclear weapons.

At present there are five Nuclear-Weapon States under the NPT (United States Russia United Kingdom France and China). Under Article IX.3 of the NPT a country may accede to the treaty as a Nuclear-Weapon State if that state 'manufactured and exploded a nuclear device prior to January 1 1967'.

Australia qualifies. In the 1950s and '60s Australia hosted a series of nuclear tests conducted by the United Kingdom. These nuclear explosions were conducted on Australian sovereign territory with the active participation of Australian scientists and military personnel.

These tests received financial support direct from the Australian government with at least some explosions likely to have used fissile material that had been sourced locally from within Australia.No other non-nuclear weapon state party to the NPT is in this category. Read more

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