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MENAFN - Arab News - 08/09/2012

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(MENAFN - Arab News) THE Saudi Ministry of Interior foiled attempts to smuggle into the Kingdom SR 1.9 billion worth of drugs over the past few months and arrested 762 people.

The suspects were trying to smuggle drugs into the Kingdom from Yemen, Iraq and through the sea.

The arrest of so many suspects is no doubt an achievement at the international level. Interestingly, some of those arrested revealed who were targeting the Kingdom with such crimes.

Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, said the Saudi authorities were aware of the fact that some drug dealers would use neighboring countries such as Yemen, Iran and Jordan although these countries do not produce narcotics/drugs. And that is the reason why Riyadh has been successful in thwarting drug trafficking attempts.

It seems as though Gen. Al-Turki did not want to mention that the Saudi intelligence carried out some daring operations that led to realizing a host of objectives with regard to drug trafficking. In fact, the Saudi intelligence managed to infiltrate the regional drug trafficking networks through its agents.

The information gleaned from the arrested drug dealers indicates that some countries in the region compel drug dealers to work for their security agencies and that some radical forces are engaged in drug trafficking at the international level in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

It is worth mentioning that Iranian philosophy is based on exploiting all possible means to realize its objectives. Therefore, their means range from prostitution to drug trafficking. And this manipulation conforms to their understanding that it is permissible to do that in non-Iranian society.

Besides, Iran looks down upon Arabs despite the fact that Arabs were the ones who spread Islam in the Persian land and that, as a result, made Iran civilized. But, the Persian chauvinism played a role in creating trouble in the Ottoman state and made religion a representation of their ethnic chauvinism.

There are a lot of incidents that will prove my conclusion. Iraq, for instance, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, never had the drug problem. At that time, the number of drug addicts was less than one percent.

However, following the American-Iranian occupation of Iraq, it has hit the 38-percent mark. Alarmingly, it has reached 68 percent in southern part of Iraq. An Iraqi Shiite psychiatrist confirmed these figures. Interestingly, drugs reach Iraq through Najaf airport directly without fear or interrogation. These drugs find their way across the Iraqi-Saudi borders.

But the Kingdom knows how to frustrate the Iranian scheme. In recent years, the attempts have not been confined to the northern and eastern borders but also through Yemeni ports. Unfortunately, those who transport drugs are Yemenis linked to Iranians.

Iran will have a hard time explaining how it defends the Shiite communities, supports the Houthis and claims to support resistance when in fact it contributes to social destruction of other countries.

Others may ask as to why drug trafficking is widespread in southern Lebanon? Is it true, as Hezbollah has been claiming, that the target is the Israeli Army as if drugs are part of the resistance? Some radical Islamists rely on an Iranian religious verdict that permits drug trafficking to benefit financially and to divide the pagan societies.

For this reason, some people from Morocco are active in Europe under the illusion that spreading drugs is part of a holy war against the enemy. Needless to say that Islam bans drugs or any attempt to harm the safety of other societies.

An average Saudi citizen is aware that his country is targeted by Iran. I have not met any Saudi after the announcement of this huge drug bust, who did not say that Iran was behind this trade.

They are right! According to some international statistics, 17 percent of the Iranian youths deal with drugs. If anything, this high percentage - needless to mention abortion and illegitimate children - is worrisome.

According to documents leaked by WikiLeaks, Iran is one of the biggest drug smugglers in the world. An American cable from the American Embassy in Baku dated June 12, 2009, confirms that there was a spike in the quantity of heroin smuggled from Iran to Azerbaijan. The amount of smuggled heroin increased from 20 kg in 2006 to 59,000 kg in the first quarter of 2009.

The cable points out that this took place under the supervision and cooperation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. German sources argue that every time Azerbaijani authorities handed over Iranians caught in drug trafficking, Iran released them a few days later.
Saudi Arabia has not yet accused Iran directly this time.

Nonetheless, the Saudi authorities have confessions from some suspects that incriminate Iran. It is pertinent to mention that 130 kgs of heroin were caught in an Iranian shipment to Nigeria.

In fact, Nigeria filed an official complain at the UN Security Council calling for imposing severe sanctions on Iran.

We all remember the Jordanian-Hamas crisis. The origin of the conflict had less to do with politics and more with the fact that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had infiltrated Hamas to establish a foothold for a Palestinian Hezbollah.

Jordan security agencies caught weapons coming from Iraq and Lebanon and also a huge quantity of drugs.

Just recently, Jordan refused to receive the deputy director of the Iranian intelligence and sent a retired prince to represent Jordan at the Non-Aligned summit, which was held in Tehran.

We all know that Iran messes with others and that the war between Israel and Iran is one of media. We also know that Iran is closer to Israel than to the Arabs.

Ali Khamenei sent a letter to Israel via the Russian president with one clear message: Let us work together against the Sunni Arabs to control the region. As a matter of fact, we are aware of Iran's national and racist attitude toward the rest of us in the region. Iran is being exposed at all levels.

Shockingly, the Iranian attempt to change the translation of the Egyptian president's speech is nothing but its lack of respect for Egypt and its status. A country that resorts to such an option is one that loses all other options.


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