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Evolve Vapors Launches Brute II Vaporizer and Offers a Stellar Pre Booking Deal

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The leading vaping company in India, Evolve Vapors has launched the much awaited vaping device Brute II and opened pre bookings for the same. The Brute II is the most advanced vaping device yet from Evolve and boasts of a massive 3000 mAh battery, a humongous 5ml tank and a fixed power discharge of 20A. The Brute II comes in a luxe gunmetal finish with subtle touches of rose gold accents which make it an incredibly gorgeous vape pen to flaunt around.

The Brute II is priced at Rs 4500 inclusive of taxes and will start selling at the same once it begins shipping but meanwhile Evolve vapors is offering some attractive deals on pre booking the device. The Brute II can be pre booked on the companys website by paying Rs 4200 which includes the vaping device and 150ml eliquid complimentary which effectively saves the consumer Rs 2300. Evolve has also announced another pre booking deal for college students which is too good to be true. College students can pre book their Brute II by paying just Rs 2900 and also get 50ml ejuice complimentary even at this highly discounted price.

Evolve Vapors is a renowned name in India when it comes to Vaping and theyve helped thousands of smokers quit smoking already. However, this time around, the company has launched the Brute II to cater to the consumers who are fond of enjoying hookah/shisha which is getting banned all over due to its extremely harmful effects on human health. Vaping on the other hand provides people with a safe and convenient way to enjoy inhaling and exhaling true to life flavors.

Evolve Vapors is one of the most trusted brand when it comes to e-liquids in India and continuing their successful lineage theyre also coming up with a whole new range of Californian and Indian Vape juices that are going to raise the bar in the Indian Vaping industry for sure. To make way for the new range, Evolve Vapors is also offering huge discounts on their existing e liquid range. This is definitely a good time for vapers in the country.

The Brute starts shipping on December 15 and since the company has mentioned that theyll have limited stocks of the device before new year, itd be advisable to pre book the Brute II to ensure early delivery.


Evolve Vapors Launches Brute II Vaporizer and Offers a Stellar Pre Booking Deal

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