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Bab Al Qasr Hotel a leader in sustainability

(MENAFN Editorial)On Wednesday April 19 Bab Al Qasr Hotel & Residences hosted several governmental entities such as Tadweer, Environment agency Abu Dhabi, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority as well as representatives from other 5 star hotel properties in the city for a presentation and demonstration of the newly developed technology regarding waste management. Bab Al Qasr Hotel announced that the management had taken a further step into adhering to the sustainability policy recommended by the Emirates of Abu Dhabi by actively preserving the environment through incorporating modern methods and techniques regarding waste management. As part of the efforts to maintain a zero-harm to the environment approach, the effective practice of using a mechanized waste System, that self-treats the waste, is being adopted at the property. This advanced waste management process is executed through a collaboration with one of the leading companies of the field, headquartered in the region. The attendees were given a presentation regarding the system as well as a live demonstration by Mr Andy Walker - Managing Director of IES, the company behind this technology in the UAE. “This new technology developed in the UAE is a major breakthrough and revolution in waste management, for the companies that choose to utilize the system. It provides a way to the future for the UAE in accomplishing it’s mission toward creating an environmental friendly and sustainable living climate. We must always remain inventive in solutions for waste management.” States Mr. Saayah Mohamed Musa Al Qubaisi the Chairman of Bin Moosa Group. The units are designed and constructed locally in the United Arab Emirates by IES (Inventive Environmental Solutions) A Bin Moosa Group of Company. IES have developed and patented a containerized Garbage processing system, which has been designed to reduce the volume of waste by 80% whilst also removing the water through an evaporation process reducing the weight by as much as 50%. The unique process has no artificial heating element and relies on friction to generate heat during the process which in turn allows the moisture contained in the garbage to evaporate as steam. The steam is then condensed back into water and returned safely back to the environment. Towards the end of each cycle the system automatically super heats the steam which in turn sterilizes the garbage killing any harmful germs and bacteria. The now dry, odorless, sterile inert processed garbage (RDF) is then dispensed into a holding bin which contains a vacuum bag. The bag is then sealed and can be stored for up to 12 Months before being used as a fuel substitute. This is one of the many benefits which is reducing or eliminating the cost and liability for transporting waste to landfills. The whole process is complete in between 25 to 40 minutes depending on the moisture content of the waste. Under normal conditions the system can process around 500kg of garbage in approximately 7 to 8 hours depending on the humidity of the waste. Larger systems are available and IES works together with its clients to understand their requirements and ensure that the correct specification of equipment is offered prior to clients making commitments. Mr. Murshed Al Shamsi, Director of Protocol at Bab Al Qasr Hotel states. “We are very proud to have the chance to work together on this project by creating awareness amongst other hotels in the city and to work towards a more sustainable environment. “


Bab Al Qasr Hotel a leader in sustainability

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