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E FUNDAMENTALS: A British-built, world-leading weapon of choice for winning in eCommerce.

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iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017


E Fundamentals is a British-built, world-leading weapon of choice for winning in eCommerce. The analytics platform helps brand owners compete online by tightly monitoring their products' performance against a unique 8 Fundamentals framework and drive profitable growth through online retailers. The E Fundamentals service effectively up skills sales and marketing professionals and has already done so for global brands such as Nestle Purina, Birds Eye, Pladis, Jacobs Douwe Egbert, General Mills and Edgewell.


E Fundamentals centres around the 8 Fundamentals framework designed to leverage enterprise eCommerce strategy and produce tangible ROI on online sales. When implemented collectively, it provides a powerful and proven path to winning in eCommerce.
This service is unique in so far, as that it is designed by experienced sales and marketing professionals; most of whom have had high level positions for renowned brands such as P & G, PepsiCo and Sony. Every insight generated by the platform meets three tests: 1) Its use will generate tangible ROI 2) It is relevant to the individual's job and 3) It is clear what actionable steps need to be taken next.


Branded businesses and retailers spend a lot of effort and money getting presentation in physical retail stores right often referring to this as the sales fundamentals (e.g. right assortment, shelf layout, promotion and pricing etc.). These standards aren't being delivered in online stores.
We recently observed a major lager brand introduced exclusively through a leading retailer. Two of the 5 products had no product information, search results were poor throughout the launch, one product was listed as a cider and one promoted as 1 bottle for £1.50 or 3 for £5!


Clients sign for a minimum of twelve months with a monthly fee based on the number of product categories covered. Based on our first 20 proposals we expect most small to medium size businesses to need 2 to 5 categories covered generating annual income of between £36000 and £66000. Larger businesses are expected to generate fees in excess of £140K per annum.

In addition to the syndicated services we offer a series of ad hoc reports covering including a getting started review. We are also developing partnerships with consultancies to encourage them to use our data within projects (we are doing this with KPMG for example).


Our objective is to exit via a trade sale in three to four years. Likely acquirers will be data businesses (e.g. Nielsen, Information Resources Inc, Kantar, GfK), consulting firms expanding into non-people revenue (e.g. IBM, KPMG, Accenture), shopper marketing and field sales businesses looking for market expansion.


E FUNDAMENTALS: A British-built, world-leading weapon of choice for winning in eCommerce.

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