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iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

Badwater 135 is a 217km race in the Badwater Basin in California's Death Valley where temperatures reach 54Celcius, and ends at an altitude of 2548 meters Whitney Portal from 10-12 July.

I came out of intensive care to win, I believe I can!

After a month in coma, two deep venous thrombosis, two surgical interventions (1 craniotomy and 1 cranioplasty). My probability of surviving was almost nil, and if that happened I would never go back to work. Physical activities and adventure sports do not even think because my autonomy would be practically nil. That was what was written in the medical reports four years ago. It weighed 98 kg, without mobility, extremely sedentary and without concrete goals of change.

The Ultra Marathon was the sport that gave me back joy, happiness, physical, emotional and psychological well-being, which made you go back to setting goals, setting objectives, and this is the culmination of a dream, IT'S BELIEVING IT'S ACHIEVING.

Badwater Ultramarathon is described as "the most difficult race in the world". It is a 217-mile course that begins 85 m below sea level in the Badwater Basin in California's Death Valley and ends at an altitude of 2548 m at Whitney Portal, the trail to Mount Whitney. It occurs annually in mid-July, when the weather conditions are more extreme and temperatures can reach 54 ° C. Due to these requirements very few people - even among ultramarathoners - are able to end this grueling race.

The organization does not provide any support, each athlete must provide their own support team and vehicle. The crew provides your athlete with all your needs, including water, ice, food, stimulation and first aid.

To complete the course each athlete has a limit of 48 hours. Finishers receive a belt buckle and medal, but no prize is awarded. In recent years, 70 to 80 people competed in each race, and 20-40% did not reach the finish line.

A true "champion challenge", STYR Labs Badwater 135 puts up to 100 of the world's toughest athletes - runners, triathletes, adventure riders and climbers - confronts the athlete and the extreme elements of nature. The time limit is forty-eight hours and the finisher's prize is the coveted Badwater 135 belt buckle, the Holy Grail of endurance athletes.

I got out of intensive care to win, I believe, I can do it!
Augusto Pinto Oliveira.
Age: 44 years old.
You Tube
Sporting activity start: 2012 Total Evidence: 118 Marathons and Ultramarathons: 68 Races + 100 km: 13 Other events: 45 Total km: 5,479 km

In 2016, I took one of the longest races in Europe - 338 km Tour des Geants - Italy and one of the 100 hardest 170 miles in the world.


Athlete + 2 elements support team (mandatory)

24 July 2017 - Deadline for all logistics

Registration - € 1,400 Travel - € 3,400 Car Rental - 650 € Accommodation - 1,600 € Food expenses - € 650 (includes ice and water for proof) Diesel - 200 € Commission costs of 5% of PPL + VAT and Costs of commissions of payments of 2% + VAT IMAGES


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