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Red Pine Distillery - Minnesota craft distillery promoting locally sourced ingredient

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iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017
Red Pine Distillery Minnesota craft distillery promoting locally sourced ingredient

Minnesota is home to some of the warmest people you'll ever meet, and an abundance of beautiful scenes and resources. It's no wonder the people in our fine state are so proud to call Minnesota home. We support each other.

Red Pine Distillery is a new company breaking ground with those core values at heart. Our founder, Tyler Seim, grew up working his family's land in Northern Minnesota, and after attaining a degree in chemical engineering, went to work for a local sugar beet processor. Minnesota soil and integrity run through his veins, and he's excited to found the only distillery in the state to source every ingredient from our generous region.

Think about any of the wonderful places in the world you'd like to travel to. They are probably known for scenic wonders, and having interesting people, but food and beverages are just as important to defining their culture.

We offer travelers some of the best outdoors experiences in the country, not to mention our booming city life filled with creative individuals. Our craft beverage culture is also already on the rise.

So let's celebrate the core of what we have to offer by enriching our culture even more with craft spirits that don't rely on imported ingredients from far away places.

At Red Pine Distillery, we know that everything we need to distill the finest spirits is already at our fingertips.

The craft spirits industry is a rapidly changing market that still holds strong opportunity for a geographically-centered brand like Red Pine. We understand the steady incline of the craft spirits industry, and hope to enhance the community with our perspective.

We're also the only distillery using raw sugar beets and sugar beet molasses to distill vodka. The recipe for our gin is finished with a hint of red pine harvested directly from the Itasca forest.

With Tyler Seim's experience processing sugar beets and maintaining quality control on a large-scale operation, we have come to understand the quality of a completely Minnesotan product.

Sugar Beet Vodka
We start with sugar beets, and after distillation the vodka is flavored with some sugar from the end product of beet processing.

Sugar Beet Gin
Flavored with real red pine seed to create a unique finish perfect for sipping or experimenting mixologists.

We understand the importance of stimulating our local economy. Luckily, by using only locally sourced ingredients, we aren't just producing an all-Minnesota brand for the great taste, we're also becoming a part of the support system that keeps small businesses thriving.

Whether it's the ingredients and production, or the promotion of local brands in restaurants, bars, and liquor stores, we're giving our consumers the ability to share in the excitement of caring about our culture.

We are the midwest.

We've already partnered with Absolute, a marketing research firm in Fargo, ND, to make sure when our facility is finished we know exactly how to break into this industry effectively.

Johnson Brothers Northwest Inc. is already committed to distributing our brand in North Dakota once our product is fully developed.

No other successful brand is using our approach.
The craft spirits movement is just as trendy as the craft brewery and fine dining movement. By closely monitoring the changing trends in demand, and sticking to the integrity of our ingredients, we can compete with the national brands.

We're both farm-based, which is a rare feat in America, and a manufacturer. So once we place ourselves in a solid position in our own community, we also have the option of sharing our cultural initiative in other parts of the country.

We already plan to share our Minnesota brand with North Dakota, but given enough growth, we could absolutely expand our reach—just not yet.

Future product releases include whiskey and bourbon.
We don't want to add to the oversaturated white whiskey market. It's a delicious product, but it doesn't necessarily excite consumers.

Our plans for whiskey and bourbon include:

Wheat Whiskey
Made from Red River Valley grown wheat and aged in barrels made in Minnesota. Popcorn Bourbon
Made with popcorn grown on our farm and the same wheat in our wheat whiskey aged in Minnesota sourced barrels.

Want to learn more about Red Pine Distillery and what they have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

The idea for Red Pine Distillery came during his time at the University of North Dakota studying chemical engineering. While earning his degree, Tyler learned about many chemical processes, but distillation was his favorite. He was fascinated by the way different compounds can be separated. With this pique in interest, and an enthusiasm for whiskey he began fermenting whiskey and distilling it in a still he built for himself.

After college, Tyler worked for a local sugar beet processing factory called American Crystal Sugar in engineering and quality control. He learned the aspects of food production and safety on an industrial scale. With these tools and experience, coupled with his experience on a family-owned farm near East Grand Forks, he is ready to put his dreams into action.


Red Pine Distillery - Minnesota craft distillery promoting locally sourced ingredient

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