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Voy'Agir: Sustainable Travel made easier Collaborative Platform for Responsible Travelers

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iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017
Voy'Agir: Sustainable Travel made easier

Collaborative Platform for Responsible Travelers

About the project

Voy'Agir is a collaborative platform that facilitate your research fortravelling responsibly ! This website will help you organize your holidays and week-ends by choosing responsible restaurants, lodges, and activities on alternative criteria which are nt juste price and location. On voyagir.corg you will be able to choose based on the effort this business is doing for our planet or oursociety.


The story of Voyagir is the Story of Marine. In paralleltoworkingin big companies as a strategic consultant for more than 4years, she wasdoing a Master's degree in Sustainable Development. To complet her degree, she neededto validate a training session and so she decidededto go for 4 months in Central America to do a study on ecotourism. This trip will be her eye opener ! She realizes thatit is not that easy to find eco-labelled companies, restaurants and so on when you are on site. And most of the eco-labelled businesses are big companies. The small businesses have neither the time nor the money to communicate ontheir efforts on doing good to the planet.

When Marine comes back from her trip, it became obvious that if those businesses can not do it by themselves, then it is to the travellers whodiscover those engaged business in sustainability to communicate for them.

For those who speak French, you surely understood already the meaning of Voyagir. It is the contraction of "voyager" (to travel) and "agir" (to act). It gives a good definition of our goals : to facilitate the travel where we are not ony tourist but mostly actors of our choices. It is for the "voy'acteur" to limite its impact on our environment and the societies we visit, to be active and conscious in choosing adresses that have a sustainable approach.

Already more than 200 adresses have been listed for you to organize your next holidays or week-end : bed & breakfast, youth hostels, cafés, restaurants, activités or ways of volunteering, and this in more than 25 countries…

What are the funds for?


Why do we need to go further ? Until today we have been working for free to have this website. Mathieu is jugling between working full time and developping our plateform. Marine dribbles between administration, communication, graphism, strategic development, community development, partnerships, fundings and more. All of this leaving not enough time for traveling and discovering marvelous locations that are responsibe, beautiful and fun.

Thanks to you, we will be able to deleguate certain aspects of the developmentof Voy'agir to professionals and experts, in order to concentrate ourselves on the core of Voy'agir : responsable travel and developing the most essential aspects of this plateform.

Contributing to this project is not only giving us a financial support, it is also engaging yourself towards a more sustainable tourism.

About the project owner


Voy'agir is 5 associates thare are bound to one another : 2 funders and 3 associates always ready for developping our strategy and supporting the project on every aspects. And most importantly Voy'agir already has its volunteers, sometimes just for a few hours, sometimes a few hours par monthson longer terms. Just a few montsh ago we were just 2, today we are already a nice group of wonderful and skilled people that are all sharing the same values and visions of Voy'agir.


Voy'Agir: Sustainable Travel made easier Collaborative Platform for Responsible Travelers

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