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Santamedical Releases PM-510 Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager with Rechargeable Battery on Amazon

(MENAFN Editorial) Tustin, CA - The Santamedical PM-510 Tens Unit is a device that uses electrical current for stimulating nerves for pain relief. The electronic pulse massager makes use of low voltage current to alleviate pain and relieve stress. The device can be used effectively to bring relief for many conditions including back pain, neck and shoulder pain, muscle pain, elbow pain, headaches, chronic pain and sports injuries to name just a few.

The device can be used on different areas of the body to bring down inflammation and provide relief to stressed areas. You can choose to use it daily to see quick results. The electronic pulse massager focuses on the area where you place the self-adhesive pads.

Although most people can safely use the device, there are some medical conditions that prevent the use of electronic pulse massagers. Individuals with any kind of heart condition, pregnant women or those suffering from epilepsy should avoid using the device.


· The product has eight auto mode stimulation programs with a pause button. The speed and intensity can be adjusted and the stimulation programs can help relieve pain.

· Set the timer range from 10 60 minutes. Auto shut off feature available. The default timer setting is for 20 minutes.

· Adjustable massage strength levels. Gradual increase and decrease setting option available.

· Attachment pads, power adapter and rechargeable battery are included with the product.


· The device has a dual channel system that enables it to work on two different areas at the same time.

· Compact and portable the device is easy to bring along when travelling in a bag or suitcase.

· Operating manual makes it easy for first time users to operate the device.

· User friendly.

· Functions on many areas of the body for pain relief and numbness.


· The default timer setting cannot be adjusted.

The treatment for any kind of pain is more effective if you follow the recommendations made by a physiotherapist. They can guide you on how to place the electrodes on either side of the pain area. It is advisable to set the device to a low setting when you switch it on. You will get a gentle tingling sensation. Gradually increase the setting so that you get used to the tingling sensation. If you feel uncomfortable, it is advisable to reduce the setting.

When buying the electronic pulse massager, you need to look at the type of pain you want to relieve. Remember that the TENS devices are made specifically for different types of pain and it is best to choose one that matches your specific requirements. The other important factors that you need to consider when buying a TENS device include:

· Number of electrode pads.

· Total number of modes and pre-sets available.

· Number of channels.

· Manufacturers reputation.

· Warranty.

· Budget.

· Return policy of the seller.

A TENS unit at home can help you avoid visiting the chiropractor or physiotherapist for normal pain relief. If you suffer from chronic pain than it is advisable to visit the chiropractor or physiotherapist before you start using the electronic pulse massager. This can enable you to learn using the device in a correct manner.

With so many TENS devices available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the correct one. Things become more difficult if you have no prior knowledge of TENS. The technical terms can be overwhelming for most first-time buyers. Read reviews so that you become aware of the features, pros and cons. This can help you choose wisely.

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Santamedical Releases PM-510 Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager with Rechargeable Battery on Amazon

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