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Business SoftSkills Video Lessons are now available on Schoox e-Learning Platform

(MENAFN Editorial) Four different packages are now ready for employees to learn the needed soft skills to advance in their careers. The four packages are: Customer Care; Business Communications; Job Readiness; and How to Find a Job.

Professional instructors will train you by using entertaining video lessons that will teach you through role-playing case studies and tests to re-enforce the lessons viewed. Employers can now offer their staff these powerful soft skills lessons to help improve their company''s productivity. Each package contains 5 to 9 video lessons. Some of the lessons in the various packages include: Power Listening Verbal Communications Phone Etiquette Email Essentials Written Communications Workplace Relationships and Customer Basics among others. Each lesson ranges from 12 minutes to 34 minutes with small chapters (2 minutes to 5 minutes) to help employees absorb the information easily and quickly.

"We are extremely pleased that Schoox a well-known e-learning company has chosen our videos to be included in their Collaborative Content Management System (CCMS)" commented Jim Stedt a partner at Business SoftSkills. "It''s a great compliment to know that our video lessons meet the needs for those who understand that soft skills are quickly becoming a requirement in today''s business world."

The soft skills video lessons cover all the necessary skills required to become a better person. Each video lesson is closed-captioned and can be self-taught or instructor led.


Business SoftSkills began in 2005 producing videos to help educate people by improving their soft skills which are those skills not normally taught in colleges or universities. Business SoftSkills is a leading company that produces a full library of video lessons helping people find a job and improve their opportunity to advance in their careers. Visit the web site at: www.BusinessSoftSkills.com.

About Schoox
Schoox is a global e-learning cloud-based company providing training platforms for small businesses corporations and franchises specializing in restaurant and retail industries. Redefining Learning Management Systems Schoox''s highly intuitive social mobile interface has delivered over 5 million video lessons with 25000 video lessons in a single day and serves over 1 million users in over 110 countries. Schoox partners with restaurant industry leader HotSchedules to offer restaurant customers a complete full suite solution for hiring training and scheduling. To learn more visit http://www.schoox.com.

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Business SoftSkills Video Lessons are now available on Schoox e-Learning Platform

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