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Qatar- Ashghal Holds Community Event Al Khor, Thakhira Projects

(MENAFN - Qatar News Agency) Public Works Authority (Ashghal), in coordination with the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning and members of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) for Al Khor and Thakhira constituencies, organized on Wednesday a community event with representatives from various organizations, businesses, schools, and residents in Al Khor and Al Thakira municipality to familiarize them with projects Ashghal is implementing in the area.

Managers of infrastructure and Buildings affairs in Ashghal, in addition to representatives from consulting and contracting companies implementing the projects located in Al Khor and Al Thakhira municipality attended the event.

A detailed presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the projects being implemented in Al Khor Al Thakhira municipality area was presented including the projects components, stages and features, and what has been achieved so far.

The event reflects Ashghal's commitment to strengthening communication and outreach with the residents living in the vicinity of its projects. The event is part of Ashghal's integrated community outreach program, which includes various community initiatives that aim to engage communities about the progress of its projects and answer all their questions and inquires.

Ashghal presented a detailed overview of the projects that it is implementing in the North of Qatar within the municipality of Al Khor and Al Thakhira such as Al Huwaila Link Road that leads to Ras Laffan city and was opened to traffic in October 2014. The road, which was a single carriageway with one lane in each direction without any separation, was developed into a dual carriageway that includes four lanes in each direction, separated by a median. In addition, the road has been fitted with street lighting and traffic signals have been installed with cameras to monitor traffic violations on the four new intersections, to improve traffic safety.

The road will mainly serve the traffic flow from and into Ras Laffan Industrial City and will also enhance traffic flow of vehicles heading to Ras Laffan, especially heavy goods vehicles and trucks. It will do so by providing an alternative road to the Ras Laffan Road which serves as a link between Ras Laffan and Al Khor Street, which caused traffic congestion on the expressway from Doha city to Ras Laffan Industrial City.

The road is 16 km long and is connected to the Al Shamal Road at Al Huwaila intersection (intersection 66). It represents an essential part of the future expansion plan for Ras Laffan Industrial City and its vicinities. Road improvement works included, in addition to increasing the number of lanes from one to four in each direction, the establishment of four new intersections between Al Huwaila Road and each of College Street, Al Shagub Street, Khalifa Street and Al Jassasiya Street.

As for under-construction projects, the New Orbital Highway and Truck Route "Orbital" with its four contracts forms a fundamental part of Ashghal's Expressway Program. The Orbital stretches from Mesaieed Area to Al Khor and Ras Laffan Industrial City. It is considered a vital addition to the road network of Qatar as it will form a free flowing traffic route connecting the southern areas, New Hamad International Airport, and New Doha Port with the North without the need to travel through Doha city. This will in turn help to alleviate congestion within Doha, especially from heavy trucks, and better manage heavy vehicle movement.

The project will include a total of approximately 200 km of roads, out of which 42 km fall under the fourth contract, and 22 major interchanges including bridges and tunnels, out of which five interchanges fall under the fourth contract of the project. The infrastructure of the Orbital road will include passways for camels, weighing stations, side road parking bays, drainage systems, storm water drainage pipelines, ITS and control systems, green landscape and metal beam guardrails along the length of the road.

The Orbital highway includes a unique feature, which provides heavy vehicles with their own roadway which is separate from cars and other vehicles roadway. The project was designed to include five separate lanes in each direction and two separate lanes for heavy vehicles, to enhance road safety.

In addition, the North Road enhancements project encompasses the construction of service roads along Al Shamal Road from north of Doha City at Al Duhail Interchange to Al Shamal City north of Qatar. The project also includes the construction of two new interchanges in Izghawa and Umm Salal Mohammed Areas, in addition to improvements to three existing interchanges, including Al Kaaban Interchange which connects to the Al Huwailah Link Road and which will be improved so as to facilitate its access and improve the traffic flow. Al Khor Road will also be upgraded with a link road provided between Al Shamal Road and Umm Birkah Road.

As for roads and infrastructure projects in Al Khor and Al Thakira, Ashghal is carrying out projects that will develop infrastructure for existing areas in addition to providing comprehensive infrastructure to new areas that lack infrastructure facilities. The projects include the construction of road networks, drainage networks, storm water networks, and other infrastructure utilities.

The local roads and drainage program also includes the construction and maintenance of old and incomplete roads in the projects' areas, improving access to residential and commercial areas, providing safe pedestrian and cyclist pathways, installing traffic signals and signboards, providing street lighting, and landscaping, in addition to the construction and development of drainage networks and systems, and surface water and groundwater drainage networks.

One of the completed projects in this regard is the extension of Al Khor treated sewage effluent network. Concluded in the last quarter of 2013, the project includes the extension of Al Khor treated sewage effluent (TSE) network from Al Khor Sewage Treatment Works to Al Khor Garden, as well as extension works to connect to the TSE network along Al Shamal Road at its intersection with Al Khor Road, and provide connections to supply Al Khor Southern Entrance Road with treated effluent.

One of the under-construction project is the roads and infrastructure project of Al Khor commercial street, which started in the first quarter of 2014 and is expected to be completed in the second quarter of next year. The project's total area is 200,000 square meters, and doesn't include land plots as works include only the road itself. Works include the construction of a new storm network on the road which will prevent rain water from accumulating and eventually prevent deteriorating the asphalt.

Works also include rehabilitation and widening of the existing road which is 5.5 km, easing the traffic congestion and improving both commercial and residential access along commercial street. The project works are ongoing with more than third of the works being finalized.

The boundary wall and quarry stabilization works commenced in the first quarter of 2015 and is expected to be completed before the end of the year. The project includes installing a boundary wall in the New Al Khor Industrial Area and stabilizing existing quarry slope, and protecting site soil from sliding. The boundary wall is 2.6 meters high over a length of 9.5 km.

The extension of Al Khor sewage network commenced in the third quarter of 2012 and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016. Once completed, the project will provide a permanent solution for the problem of discharging sewage water from houses, public buildings and commercial institutes to treatment plants in Al Khor, in order to eliminate the use of tanks. Approximately 90 percent of the project works are completed so far.

Future projects in the region were also presented during the event including the construction and upgrade of road surrounding Al Khor Stadium. Work on this project will commence in the third quarter of 2017 and is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2019 The project's total area is 350,000 square meters of the land area of the south-west of Al Khor City. The project covers the peripheral roads of proposed Al Bayt Stadium, and encompasses a dual carriageway with three lanes in each direction.

The briefing also touched on temporary and emergency roads projects. One
of the under-construction projects is Al Khor bypas, which includes the construction of a one-directional two-lane temporary road adjacent to the existing road (in the direction to Al Shamal € Ras Laffan and aligned to the existing road). The existing road will be in the opposite direction (direction from Ras Laffan toward the South). The road is 12.5 km long, and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.

Works within the road maintenance projects include periodic maintenance for roads, tunnels, and bridges according to set plans, installation and maintenance of street lighting equipment and traffic signs in co-ordination with the concerned authorities, and carrying out emergency maintenance and responding to customer complaints.

The road maintenance projects also include the School Zone Safety program, which aims to enhance school zone safety, ensure the safety of students and parents upon their arrival or departure from schools, and ease the traffic congestion near schools. The program includes establishing comprehensive solutions including safe roads in the school zones, paving, providing car parks, building medians and small roundabouts in order to manage the traffic flow in those areas. The works also include placing a sufficient number of signboards and road markings near schools. Moreover, the speed limit in school zones will be set as 30 km/h and speed bumps will be installed in order to reduce speed.

The event also discussed drainage projects, which include projects for wastewater treatment, drainage networks for surface and ground water, laying treated sewerage pipelines for irrigation systems, in addition to the construction of TSW, rehabilitation of existing pumping stations and construction of supplementary pipelines and networks.

Completed projects in this area include the construction of Al Khor area sewerage for southern region, which commenced in Q4 2010 and was completed in Q3, 2013. The project included the construction of sewer lines from properties boundaries (residential or commercial) within project area up to a centralized pumping station under the first package of construction of Al Khor area sewerage for southern region project. The works included the construction of about 43 km of gravity sewer lines, over 1300 concrete manholes, and approximately 2000 house connection sewers up to properties boundaries.

Future projects include the construction of the second stage of house
connections for existing sewerage station and construction of additional house connections.

The project implementation will begin in Q1 of 2016, and it is expected to be completed in Q1 of 2017. The objective of this project is to provide live connections for properties which already have sewer lines, and to provide live house connections for the newly distributed plots which have constructed sewer lines up to boundaries. The project works will include the construction of over 2,550 house connections.

Regarding health projects, Al Ghuwairiya Health Center was inaugurated at the beginning of July 2015 and covers an area of ??20,000 square meters with a total built area of ??2,404 square meters.

The center comprises diverse medical clinics including clinics for men, women and dental clinics, along with radiology sections, pharmacy, laboratory and other specialized clinics.

Future projects include New Al Khor Hospital, currently in design phase. The hospital will comprise 500 beds, operation rooms, emergency center, and external clinics. The estimated implementation value is QR 3.6 billion and the implementation is expected to begin mid-2017.

A new health center in Al Khor, currently in tendering and awarding stage, will also be constructed with an estimated value of QR 3.6 billion. The implementation is expected to begin in Q1 2016.

As for public and endowment projects, the construction of the coastguard security headquarters in Ras Matbakh has commenced in Q4 2014 and is expected to be completed in Q3 2016. The project consists of the demolition and re-construction of the main building and its annexes, with a total value of QR 29 million.

The construction of the Aquatic and Fisheries Research Center in Al Khor is expected to conclude in Q3 2016 and the construction of the waste separation plant is expected to be completed in Q4 2016.

The construction of three mosques is expected to commence in Q1 2016 at an estimated total value is QR 17 million.

Qatar- Ashghal Holds Community Event Al Khor, Thakhira Projects

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