Monday, 25 September 2017 10:34 GMT


Saudi spices market to sign USD266.5m

(MENAFN) Saudi Arabia, the third largest spices importer worldwide, is ranked as one of the fast growing markets for food in the Gulf region, and is likely to be more of a spices importer although some products are grown locally, Saudi Gazette reported. The Kingdome's major exporting countries of spices are India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, and Vietnam. Mahfooz Jawed, Business Development Manager of Shan Foods LLC, said that Saudi spice market is estimated at USD 266million. Compared to other countries like Kuwait, UAE, and Bahrain, the Kingdome's business players in the spice business are fewer, he said. "There are only 3-4 brands available in the modern trade at a time, however the other GCC countries have more than 15 brands on their shelves," he noted.
Saudi spices market to sign USD266.5m

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