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Saudi- Courts receive 163 disobedience cases

(MENAFN - Arab News) A number of parents have filed some 163 disobedience (uqouq) cases against their sons and daughters in courts throughout the kingdom in the past six months of the current year local media said.

makkah region captured the highest number of all disobedience cases at 36 followed by riyadh at 30 cases asir (29) jazan (22) the eastern region (20) najran (8) baha (6) qasim and madina (4 cases for each) the northern border and tabuk (3 for each) and hail (1) the media said.

omar ishaq lawyer and legal adviser said these types of cases are normally filed by parents against their sons or daughters in case of disobedience on the part of their children. the judge meets with all parties concerned with the case and rules either to penalize the accused or end the case he said.

ishaq called for the criminalization of the issue of disobedience requiring detention and further asked the courts to tighten penalties on issues related to disobedience the paper said. disobedience takes different forms including but is not limited to verbal insults or showing physical aggression toward parents.

Saudi- Courts receive 163 disobedience cases

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