Tuesday, 23 January 2018 09:59 GMT

Israeli threats against Palestinian Pres. unacceptable - spokesman

(MENAFN - Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)) Palestinian President Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaina said Sunday that threats by Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett against President Mahmoud Abbas were "unacceptable and condemned." Israel's Channel Seven quoted Bennett as saying that the Palestinian President is threatening Israel to head to UN institutions, adding that Israel will find a way to stop him. Bennett stressed that Israel will know how to behave with the Palestinian president and chairman of the Fatah movement, and will condemn him for attempting to cause harm to Israel

Bennett said that "let Abbas, who doesn't have security, army forces or economy, to confront us." He claimed the Israeli Army was capable of occupying the Palestinian cities in less than two minutes

Bennett said Abbas should not "threaten Israel because he has no state with borders and no potentials, despite the UN's recognition of his state, yet it doesn't mean anything to Israel." Abu Rudaina said, in a press statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was fully responsible for these blunt threats, adding that these irresponsible threats will not undermine the determination of the Palestinian people

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